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Data recovery training

  • Improve your knowledge
  • Become an expert
  • Work smarter, not harder

ReclaiMe training is your key to a deep knowledge in partition, filesystem, and RAID recovery

Target audience

Our data recovery training is designed for:

  • people already involved in data recovery business who want to improve or systematize their knowledge in data recovery,
  • PC technicians who are going to expand their business by adding a data recovery service to the current list of services offered.

Learn with ReclaiMe

Over the years, we have got a lot of experience obtained from our own data recovery research and also invaluable experience from technical support of our clients including data recovery technicians from beginners to experts. Since we often face the various issues brought in by data recovery technicians, we can find something common and frequent among those issues.

What we offer

We have developed a series of unique courses devoted to logical data recovery, which include video lessons, practice tasks, and tests. Initially, we placed the course materials on this site; however, over time the courses have grown so much that we decided to move them to a separate site - All the course materials including resources needed for practice parts are completely free.

Here we leave only data recovery textbook and some main data recovery posters.

Data Recovery Courses

Our data recovery training covers various aspects of logical data recovery associated with file­sys­tem, partition, and RAID recovery. Each lesson comes with a video tutorial, printable sum­mary, practice, and a full-length test. For data recovery courses, please visit

Data Recovery Book

Our data recovery manual provides information about basics of storing and recovering data illustrated by numerous examples. This data recovery book focuses on partition recovery, filesystem recovery, and RAID recovery. For the full table of content click here.

Data Recovery Posters

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, so we designed a series of data recovery posters aimed to be your crib in day-by-day routine data recovery work. For the list of posters click here.

We have a mailing list in which we talk about interesting cases we encounter and share some tips and tricks.