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Multiple Filesystems

ReclaiMe Pro recovers data from most filesystems:

Windows: FAT, exFAT, NTFS (including deduplication), ReFS
Linux: EXT2/3/4, XFS, BTRFS, ZFS
VMware: VMFS.

Partition recovery

Reads LDM, LVM, MD, Drobo BeyondRAID™,
Apple Fusion, ZFS pools,
Storage Spaces, and more.

Finds lost partitions based on various filesystem structures in unpartitioned space.

Disk Imager

Highly configurable high-speed imager, suitable for slight to moderate bad block cases.

Sector-by-sector, VHD, and VHDX output.

Disk Editor

Visualizes most known partition and filesystem objects:
boot sectors, superblocks, partition headers
in structured view. Search for hex patterns
or text in any given encoding.

Low-level data editing for extra leverage.

RAID Analysis and Recovery

With ReclaiMe Pro, you can reassemble RAID automatically or manually. Supports RAID0, RAID10, RAID5, RAID6, RAID50, RAID60, RAIDZ, RAIDZ2, RAIDZ3, HP EVA vRAID layouts.

Content analysis and entropy visualization.

Forensic capabilities

Provides verifiable and repeatable forensic file traces by mapping file content and metadata to its source on disks.

Eliminates unnecessary files by cross-referencing well-known hash databases.

Built-in file integrity testing.