Data recovery videos

Data recovery videos are the part of ReclaiMe data recovery training aimed to develop a systematic approach to logical data recovery. These training videos are intended both for those who are only going to enter data recovery business and for those who already recover data at a professional level.

Introduction to RAID

In this video, I discuss RAID basics: the concept of RAID, RAID criteria forming a so-called RAID triangle, block and non-block ways of data placement. I explain the differences between block and non-block RAIDs and talk about the RAID configuration pa­ra­meters:

RAID levels

In this video, I discuss both common RAID types such as RAID1 (mirror), RAID0, RAID10, RAID5, and exotic RAID levels like RAID4, various RAID6 configurations, RAID5E, RAID5EE, and RAID with delayed parity, all with their corresponding layout diagrams.

RAID Recovery - content analysis

Content analysis is a tool in ReclaiMe Pro allowing you to determine a correct RAID level. Our research revealed that one of most common mistakes people make in RAID recovery is using incorrect RAID type. In this video, I explain how to do the content analysis and how to interpret the results.

RAID Recovery - parity analysis

In this video, I start with the theory of parity — how parity is calculated, introduce XOR function, and discuss parity properties including these in mirror arrays. Then I explain the main techniques to deal with disks from a parity-based array and discuss how to interpret the results you get in ReclaiMe Pro.

RAID Recovery - entropy analysis

In this video, I discuss what is entropy in general and how to apply entropy analysis in RAID recovery. I explain why entropy of parity differs from entropy of data. Then I discuss what RAID parameters you can get using entropy analysis in ReclaiMe Pro, show how to do this analysis and how to interpret the results.

Partition recovery

In this video, I discuss what is partition recovery and when you need to recover partitions. Also I explain how ReclaiMe Pro searches a device for lost partitions: what partitions come first and how ReclaiMe Pro scores what it finds.

Hardware set for logical data recovery

In this video, I discuss why it is important to have powerful hardware for logical data recovery. Properly selected motherboard, CPU, and memory will help you to reduce the turnaround time and eventually increase your income.