Disk viewer/editor

  • Read and write to disks directly,
  • View any filesystem structure important in data recovery,
  • Conveniently navigate throughout a filesystem.

Disk editor provides an unmediated insight into structure and condition of a filesystem or a RAID.


Filesystem objects:

  • FAT16/32 boot sectors, FAT entries, and directories,
  • exFAT boot sector, FAT entries, and directories,
  • NTFS boot sector, MFT entries, and INDX blocks;
  • EXT superblocks, group descriptors, inodes, directories,
  • XFS superblocks, inodes, directory blocks and others.

Partition objects:

  • Partition tables: MBR, GPT, APM,
  • RAID headers: md, LVM, LDM.


Move back and forth between linked partition and filesystem objects.

More information

For more technical information and screenshots, refer to the disk editor manual page.