Forensic capabilities

ReclaiMe Pro is data recovery software; however there are cases when it is used in to search for forensic evidence for example among deleted files or damaged devices. It does not matter how data was damaged — accidentally or intentionally — anyway, data recovery is required. To facilitate the work related to forensic data acquisition and the subsequent presentation of the results in a court ReclaiMe Pro is equipped with some forensic capabilities.

Data traces

Traces allow to check the quality and accuracy of data recovery with another software, say with any disk editor. For each copied file, ReclaiMe Pro writes the location of its data on the disk in CSV format. More detailed information about the format you can find here.

File content classification

ReclaiMe Pro detects mismatch of file content with their extensions so that it is possible to catch files which were renamed.

File testing

This feature helps to detect the quality of recovered files in case of severe filesystem damage. Using File testing you can separate well recovered files from bad files.

Filtering by hash lists

It allows to decrease the analysis time and manual work spent on the previewing file by using hash database of known good files. One can have a custom database, or use a ready-made one, for example from National Software Reference Library.