RAID Recovery

ReclaiMe Pro

Block size

ReclaiMe Pro automatically detects block size ranging from one sector (512 bytes) to one megabyte (1 MB) which is enough for most all RAID arrays. If the block size is known in advance or at least you know its range, ReclaiMe Pro lets you specify it, thereby reducing the recovery time and system load.

For those filesystems where file names are stored in 8-bit encoding, ReclaiMe Pro allows you to set code pages manually to ensure file names in any language are recovered correctly.

  • RAID0
  • RAID10
  • RAID5
  • RAID6
  • RAIDZ2
  • RAIDZ3

Recovery time

Automatic RAID recovery doesn’t require full scan of all the disks but completes when ReclaiMe Pro collects enough data to get a reliable solution. For user convenience, ReclaiMe Pro provides information on how stable the current best solution is. Based on this information, you can decide to stop the scan before reaching the automatic stop threshold.

Configurable scan direction

Use forward, backward, or automatic scan depending on the situation. Knowing the story behind a particular RAID, you can significantly reduce the recovery time using this function.

Only requires to know the RAID level

All you need is the RAID level. However, sometimes even that is difficult to provide — clients are often wrong about their RAID type. If you suspect this is the case, use the RAID Analysis feature to determine a correct RAID level.

More information

You can get more information on the RAID data recovery page. If you need more technical details, read these manual pages: