Exclude disks in ReclaiMe Pro

This option allows you to select the physical disks, which you want to exclude from the recovery each time ReclaiMe Pro is launched on a particular PC. Typically, they are disks, which make the PC ring: system disks, disk systems used for storing the recovered data and the like. When you launch ReclaiMe Pro for the first time on the PC, the Exclude disks is disabled because the available disk list has not been gotten yet.

Once ReclaiMe Pro displays all the physical disks connected to the PC, you can select those disks you want to exclude and click the Exclude disks button.

ReclaiMe Pro - exclude disks.

Next time you launch ReclaiMe Pro those disks will be excluded from the recovery and you can add them back via the Exclude disks at the Disk and image scan options window; also, you can view, add or remove excluded disks using the Show excluded button.

ReclaiMe Pro - show excluded disks.