ReclaiMe Pro feature list

ReclaiMe Pro is powerful data recovery software specially tailored for data recovery and forensic experts. Following is the complete list of ReclaiMe Pro features and capabilities.

Filesystem recovery

Common Windows filesystems: FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, ReFS

Mac filesystem: APFS, HFS, HFS+

Linux filesystems: EXT, XFS, BTRFS, UFS, ZFS. This specifically includes EXT4 and XFS on volumes larger than 16TB. Also, ReclaiMe Pro includes an extra undelete option for EXT2 and EXT3.

VMware filesystem: VMFS used in ESX servers.

Partition recovery

Reads common Windows, Linux, and MacOS partitions: MBR, GPT, APM

Reads complex partitions: Windows Dynamic Disks (LDM), MD-RAID (all levels), LVM (stripe/span only, no LVM RAID5).

Automatic sector size detection on disk images and clones where sector size of the copy does not match the sector size of the original.

RAID recovery

Manually define RAID configuration: JBOD, RAID0, RAID1, RAID1E, RAID10, RAID5, RAID6, and RAIDs with delayed parity.

Automatic RAID parameters detection

Determines block size and disk order for RAID0, RAID10, RAID5 (including missing disk), RAID5EE, RAID6, RAID50, RAID60.

Supports delayed parity with RAID5 and RAID6.

Fast RAID recovery due to configurable parameters.

Analysis tools

Detect blank disks by measuring the ratio of non zero data on disks, partitions, regions, RAIDs, and virtual RAIDs.

Separate disks from different RAID sets by measuring average entropy.

Detect mirrors: analyze all pairs of devices to find out how much similarity there is on the disks, partitions, regions, RAIDs, virtual RAIDs.

Detect parity on the disk set and identify hotspare disk by doing parity analysis.

Detect RAID level, RAID block size, disk order and number of disks in the original array by using detailed entropy analysis.

Identify stale disks by comparing file timestamps across the disk set.

Specialized cases

Drobo 5D, Drobo 5N, and Drobo FS reader, which quickly reads undamaged data without the Drobo unit.

Drobo 5D, 5N, FS metadata rebuilder, which slowly recovers data from a reformatted Drobo.

HP EVA vRAID LUNs rebuilder, which recovers lost vRAID0, vRAID1, vRAID5, and vRAID6 configurations both for fixed and thinly provisioned volumes. Supports configurations with missing disks.

Multidisk BTRFS layout reader for RAID0, RAID1, RAID10 only, not for RAID5/RAID6.

Multidisk VMFS layout reader for JBOD configurations. Only supports version ESX server v5.x.

Microsoft Storage Spaces reader, which quickly reads data from an undamaged or lightly damaged Storage Spaces pool. Only supports version 1/2 pools (no tiered storage).

Disk Imager

Output: sector-by-sector, VHD, VHDX format images.

Two-pass imaging: first pass quickly images the healthy areas, the second pass thoroughly retries the bad sectors areas.

Independently configurable timeouts and block sizes for two passes.

Disk Editor

Provides structured view and editing for various metadata objects:

  • Partitions: MBR, GPT, APM.
  • RAID headers: md, LVM, and LDM.
  • Filesystem metadata: FAT, exFAT, NTFS, EXT, XFS

Navigation between linked partition and filesystem objects. Search for text, HEX, and more than 30 metadata objects.

Get S.M.A.R.T. data for the disks

ReclaiMe Pro is capable of reading the S.M.A.R.T. data from the disks connected both via SATA and USB. Based on the S.M.A.R.T. data, the software reports the current disk health and allows to disconnect the bad disks from recovery so that to create disk image files.

Forensic capability

For every file provides a list of the on-disk sector addresses.

File content type recognition for the selected content types.

File content validity testing for the selected content types.

Hashing of the recovered files (SHA1, md5).

Filters files by matching against a list of known hashes.