Find SSH Server

This capability allows you to get a list of devices which are connected to a PC via network and can be accessed by the SSH connection.

Once ReclaiMe Pro detects a device, which is available over the network, it displays it in the list along with device name and IP address the device is on. Typically, the capability is used to work with NAS devices connected to the local network.

ReclaiMe Pro - list of availbale NASes for SSH conenction.

Select a device you want to connect to, click Select, and provide login and password to initiate the connection.

ReclaiMe Pro - connect to a SSH server.

If the connection is successful, ReclaiMe Pro displays all the volumes and physical drives that the device provides access to. You can then select either volume or physical disk for recovery.

ReclaiMe Pro - SSH server drives.

Note that SSH port should be opened on the device, typically it is port number 22. If ReclaiMe Pro cannot detect your device over the network, check whether the port 22 is opened. Refer here for more information.