Apple Fusion drive recovery

Apple Fusion drive is a hybrid drive typically consisting of a rotational hard drive and an SSD drive. The combination is done by the means of the Core Storage technology developed by Apple and in fact being a layer between disk partition and filesystem. Data, which the filesystem operates, is distributed in small blocks between the drives according to the rule — most frequently „asked“ data goes to the fastest storage (SSD).

Information about which logical blocks correspond to which physical blocks on the member disks is stored in the encrypted Core Storage metadata blocks. ReclaiMe Pro can find, decrypt, and parse healthy and damaged Core Storage metadata on a Fusion drive and reassemble an encrypted logical volume on the fly. You need to check Apple Fusion under the Target partition types.

Configuring ReclaiMe Pro to recover a Fusion drive.

Volume color

If all the logical and physical blocks are available, the volume is displayed in black.

Amber color is used for the cases, where some blocks are missing but they are not used for strong user data.

Red color means that some blocks with data are missing, for example, one of the disks is missing; however, you can still try to recover data from the blocks, which are present.

Recovering an Apple Fusion drive in ReclaiMe Pro.