Configure RAW scanner

RAW scanner in ReclaiMe Pro searches a data storage for file headers. There is a set of default formats generated from the most common file types. All these formats are set by default for searching. Note that you cannot edit the default formats.

Configure raw scanner for carving in ReclaiMe Pro.

Additionally, you can set your own formats for carving. All the formats you create go under Custom RAW formats. To create a custom format you need to set:

  • format name which is used as a file extension for the found files,
  • two sets of offset and hex signature. You need to set at least a 3-symbol signature.
  • optional description for the format,
  • save configuration settings.

Once you create a format, it goes under Custom RAW formats. You can then edit a custom format by clicking the Edit button.

Add/edit a format for carving

The window appears when you click the Edit button from the Configure RAW formats window. You can set the parameters for a new format, edit or delete an existing format. Also you can change the save configuration parameters for a format:

  • One-time configuration — ReclaiMe Pro searches for the format only during the current run and then discards it.
  • Save configuration to the file — ReclaiMe Pro saves the format to the file and then loads it automatically during each launch.
  • Send the configuration to the developers — the configuration parameters are saved to a file, which you then can send to us. If we find the format interesting, we will add it to the default list of formats so that it can be available to all ReclaiMe Pro users.