Real time parameters

Almost all the time when you are working with ReclaiMe Pro, you see the Real time parameters panel on the right.

Real time parameters in ReclaiMe Pro.


Allows you to set the timeout for read operations. If a device doesn’t respond within the timeout, ReclaiMe Pro considers the requested sector bad and proceeds to the next read operation.

The minimum value for the parameter is 100 ms, the maximum — 10 sec. It makes sense to decrease Timeout if you are dealing with a physically damaged device. Such a device is not likely to respond anyway, but at least you get somewhat faster data recovery scan.


Tells the system what priority you want to set for ReclaiMe Pro. The values range from Low to High, corresponding to Task Manager priorities.


This group of indicators provides you information about the performance of the data recovery process:

  • CPU usage. If there are several CPUs in your system, ReclaiMe Pro provides information about CPU usage per single CPU, so it is normal to see a value higher than 100%. For example, on a quad-core PC, maximum reported CPU usage is 400%.
  • Memory usage.
  • Read speed, for all drives combined.
  • Seeks — the number of disk head movements when reading. ReclaiMe Pro provides the total value for all the devices per second. For SSDs, the value indicates the number of nonadjacent block reads per second.
  • Total errors. Shows the total number of read errors (determined by Timeout) for all the devices from the moment ReclaiMe Pro is launched.