Test Files

In ReclaiMe Pro, there is a special feature — Test files — allowing you to get additional information about either all the recovered files or marked file(s).

Test files in ReclaiMe Pro.

There are three test levels:

Classify content type (fastest)

In this mode, ReclaiMe Pro uses a light fast algorithm to determine content type of a file being analyzed. For example, whether a file looks like .jpeg, .avi, .doc, and so on. As a result, the Content type column will be filled. If ReclaiMe Pro cannot determine content type of a particular file, it will use „Unknown“ value.

Then you can use the Search and mark function to actually mark/unmark the files not matching theirs extensions.

Classify and test

If checked, along with classifying content type, ReclaiMe Pro tests file content more thoroughly and fills the Test results column. The following results are possible:

  • Good
  • Bad
  • Read errors
     — means that ReclaiMe Pro encountered bad sector(s) trying to read a file.
  • Unknown
     — means that ReclaiMe Pro cannot handle this type of files.
  • Not tested
Test files in ReclaiMe Pro.

Classify, test, calculate hashes (slowest)

This is the slowest and most thorough mode of file testing in which along with classification and testing, hash values of files are calculated. ReclaiMe Pro supports two most known cryptographic hashing algorithms — MD5 and SHA-1.

Note that calculated hash values are displayed into a Trace tab.

Use Test files along with Search and mark

Test files feature is designed to be used with Search and Mark function. First test files using the needed test level and then basing on test results specify search criteria to mark/unmark files.