What data recovery technicians say

Peter van der Schee, CEO of Digirec Data Recovery

In december 2012 I ran into Reclaime File Recovery. After some testing I was convinced this was one of the best recovery tools I had seen in years. It supported all filesystems one can wish for and worked almost fully automatic. Pro’s like to have extra options to tweak and maybe search deeper, but the base of this program was so good that I hoped they wanted to make a pro version of it.

I emailed the programmers of Reclaime and found a listening ear. We have been in contact a few times about the development of the pro-version and I was lucky to be one of the beta testers. I was blown away by its capability’s.

It handles normal NFTS up to complex Raid-systems. The tool can do most by itself or let the user tweak and search.

A tool that is good for experienced Windows users and data-recovery professionals alike.