ReclaiMe Pro
all-in-one solution for many data recovery tasks

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Note that ReclaiMe Pro is a professional data recovery tool designed to be used by data recovery technicians rather than home users. For DIY data recovery at home use ReclaiMe File Recovery software.

Basic system requirements are:

  • 64-bit Windows and .NET 2.0;
  • At least 4GB RAM, 8GB recommeneded;
  • Permanent or nearly permanent internet connection.

To download ReclaiMe Pro, please type your name, your email address, your phone number, and company name, and click Request download link. The trial license key will be immediately sent to your email address. Note that the trial license key expires in 14 days.

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...I was lucky to be one of the beta testers. I was blown away by its capability’s. It handles normal NTFS up to complex Raid-systems. The tool can do most by itself or let the user tweak and search. A tool that is good for experienced Windows users and data recovery professionals alike.

Peter van der Schee,
CEO of Digirec Data Recovery

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