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This book is a comprehensive and thorough logical data recovery guide for beginners in data recovery, as well as a desktop reference for professionals already working in data recovery field. Our data recovery manual provides information about basics of storing and recovering data illustrated by numerous examples. In this data recovery textbook we discuss logical causes of data loss and software data recovery solutions. This data recovery book focuses on partition recovery, filesystem recovery, and RAID recovery. Additionally, in the book, you can find exhaustive list of filesystem and partition table structures. Note that the book does not cover mechanical damage and repairs. For the full table of content click here.

Table of contents

  • Chapter 1 - Preface, Pages 9-10
  • Chapter 2 - Storage Devices, Pages 11-17
  • Chapter 3 - Causes of Storage Failure, Pages 18-24
  • Chapter 4 - Basics of Data Storage, Pages 25-55
  • Chapter 5 - General Data Recovery Workflow, 56-70
  • Chapter 6 - Partition table structures reference, Pages 71-96
  • Chapter 7 - Filesystem Recovery, Pages 97-177
  • Chapter 8 - RAID Recovery, Pages 178-227
  • Chapter 9 - Network Attached Storage (NAS), Pages 228-231
  • Chapter 10 - Raw Recovery, Page 232
  • Chapter 11 - Useful Tips and Tricks, Page 233
  • Chapter 12 - References and Indexes, Pages 234-248
  • Index
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Hardcover: 248 pages, Language: English,
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Publication date: 7/10/2014,
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Since the book is not a refundable item, before ordering, we strongly recommend you examine more carefully the table of contents listed above and should you have any questions relating to the book send them via the support page.

Ever wanted to have the in-depth information needed for data recovery? This book is a must read both for students as well for data recovery spe­cia­lists.

It explains all from “simple” recovery’s up to complex Raid data recovery’s.

Peter van der Schee,
CEO of Digirec Data Recovery

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