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Drobo Recovery

Drobo is a series of multi-disk devices, which can be either DAS or NAS. In Drobo units, the BeyondRAID™ technology, which is significantly different from any standard RAID level, is used. Due to the specifics and overall complexity of the technology, Drobo data recovery requires non-standard approaches.

ReclaiMe Pro can reconstruct lost or damaged Drobo configurations from the disks coming from various Drobo devices like Drobo 5N, Drobo 5D, and Drobo FS.

There are two modes of Drobo recovery in ReclaiMe Pro:

Drobo data recovery tutorial

  1. Pull the disks out of the Drobo and connect them all to a PC running Windows. If possible, use SATA ports on the motherboard, although USB is acceptable as well.
  2. Download and launch ReclaiMe Pro software.
  3. When starting, set ReclaiMe Pro up to look for the Drobo metadata on the disks. However, only healthy or slightly damaged metadata sets can be recovered this way.
Drobo Recovery with ReclaiMe Pro
  1. If you see the Drobo volume(s) under the Drobo disk packs section, launch the scan on the volume.
Drobo Recovery with ReclaiMe Pro
  1. If you see only the Drobo disks rather than the Drobo volume, you can try to use the Find Drobos mode designed to reconstruct badly damaged Drobo configurations. The Find Drobos button becomes active when at least two disks are selected. Clicking the button launches the extended search for Drobo metadata.
Drobo recovery progress All the steps on video
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