ReclaiMe Pro
all-in-one solution for many data recovery tasks

Disk viewer/editor

  • Read and write to disks directly,
  • View any filesystem structure important in data recovery,
  • Conveniently navigate throughout a filesystem.

Disk editor provides an unmediated insight into structure and condition of a filesystem or a RAID.

Filesystem objects:
  • FAT16/32 boot sectors, FAT entries, and directories,
  • exFAT boot sector, FAT entries, and directories,
  • NTFS boot sector, MFT entries, and INDX blocks;
  • EXT superblocks, group descriptors, inodes, directories,
  • XFS superblocks, inodes, directory blocks and others.

Partition objects:

  • Partition tables: MBR, GPT, APM,
  • RAID headers: md, LVM, LDM.

Move back and forth between linked partition and filesystem objects.

More information

For more technical information and screenshots, refer to the disk editor manual page.

Filesystem recovery

Recovers data from all common filesystems.

RAID recovery

A wide range of RAID levels.

Complex RAID recovery

Drobo BeyondRAID and HP EVA vRAID layouts.

Partition recovery

Reads Windows, Linux, and MacOS partitions.

Disk imager

Smart high-speed disk imager.

RAID analysis

Comprehensive data analyzer to detect RAID configuration.

Disk editor

Powerful disk data analyzer with editing function.


ReclaiMe Pro user guide.

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Posters, videos, and the book.

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