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RAID analysis in ReclaiMe Pro

Entropy analysis

Deal with unknown RAIDs:

  • Determine RAID level quickly,
  • Weed out hotspares and unrelated drives,
  • Detect mirrors,
  • Literally see parity on disks in RAID5 and RAID6.

It often happens that people bring a set of disks from different RAID arrays. Worse yet, a client sometimes says that he or she knows the RAID level for sure while actually it is not so. With ReclaiMe Pro, you can confirm what they say in a couple of minutes.

Simple RAID data analyzer

Useful to detect copyback hotspares which are otherwise easy to miss. Provides:

  • Ratio of zero sectors on a disk,
  • Average data entropy on a disk,
  • The degree of identity between the pairs of disks,
  • The percentage of even rows (parity) in the full disk set and in every exclusion combinations.
Entropy analyzer

While requiring certain skill to operate, entropy analyzer produces a lot of fancy pictures. As if fancy alone is not enough, these pictures are extremely useful in detecting block size and number of disks in RAID5 and RAID6.

More information

For more information, please refer to the RAID analysis overview page.

Filesystem recovery

Recovers data from all common filesystems.

RAID recovery

A wide range of RAID levels.

Complex RAID recovery

Drobo BeyondRAID and HP EVA vRAID layouts.

Partition recovery

Reads Windows, Linux, and MacOS partitions.

Disk imager

Smart high-speed disk imager.

RAID analysis

Comprehensive data analyzer to detect RAID configuration.

Disk editor

Powerful disk data analyzer with editing function.


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