ReclaiMe Pro
all-in-one solution for many data recovery tasks

Disk imager

ReclaiMe Pro features a solid software disk imager. While not a replacement for proper hardware imager, it still works wonders.

  • raw image
  • VHD
  • VHDX
  • High speed copying even on drives containing bad sectors.
  • Two-pass copying. Read easy parts first, then retry bad sectors.
  • Configurable timeouts and block sizes to provide more flexibility when dealing with bad sectors.
  • Three most common output formats for disk image files: raw image (sector-by-sector), VHD, and VHDX.

On an undamaged drive, imaging speed is limited by underlying hardware.

For more technical details, visit the disk imager manual page.

Filesystem recovery

Recovers data from all common filesystems.

RAID recovery

A wide range of RAID levels.

Complex RAID recovery

Drobo BeyondRAID and HP EVA vRAID layouts.

Partition recovery

Reads Windows, Linux, and MacOS partitions.

Disk imager

Smart high-speed disk imager.

RAID analysis

Comprehensive data analyzer to detect RAID configuration.

Disk editor

Powerful disk data analyzer with editing function.


ReclaiMe Pro user guide.

Data recovery training

Posters, videos, and the book.

We have a mailing list in which we talk about interesting cases we encounter and share some tips and tricks.