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Recovery of complex RAID layouts

Drobo BeyondRAID

Automatic data recovery for Drobo 5N, Drobo 5D, and Drobo FS units.

Two modes of recovery:

  • Drobo BeyondRAID metadata reader for healthy or slightly damaged metadata.
  • Extended search and recovery for damaged Drobo configurations (for example when all drive bay lights are solid red with drives installed).

Read more on the Drobo recovery page.


Automatic search and recovery of damaged HP EVA vRAID LUNs.

  • Supports vRAID1, vRAID0, vRAID5 and vRAID6 layouts.
  • Works with fixed and thinly provisioned volumes.
  • Works with configurations involving missing disks.

Extended search and recovery for HP EVA vRAID configuration involves:

  • Searching a disk set for vRAID metadata
  • Recreating possible LUNs
  • Updating LUNs sizes
  • Looking for partitions on the recovered LUNs
  • Filesystem recovery from the HP EVA partitions.

Read more on the HP vRAID recovery page.

Filesystem recovery

Recovers data from all common filesystems.

RAID recovery

A wide range of RAID levels.

Complex RAID recovery

Drobo BeyondRAID and HP EVA vRAID layouts.

Partition recovery

Reads Windows, Linux, and MacOS partitions.

Disk imager

Smart high-speed disk imager.

RAID analysis

Comprehensive data analyzer to detect RAID configuration.

Disk editor

Powerful disk data analyzer with editing function.


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